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IDPA match this weekend 03/25/2017 at the outdoor LE range.  (6917 Kershaw Rd, Central Point, OR 97502)

New shooter meeting and sign-ups at 0830, First shots fired at 0900

There will be 5 stages with a round count of approx. 150 rounds.

Please take a few moments to double check your equipment and bounce it off of the new IDPA rule book.

Per the new rule book it is now the SHOOTER'S responsibility to know the rules for his equipment and the rules of the game !  If you have any questions please ask an RO and/or come early enough to attend the new shooters meeting. 
Set up for the match will be from 16:30- 18:30 on Friday afternoon and from 0730-0830 the morning of the match.
Please come help set up !

December Newsletter

Fullbore Rifle Practice

(Any Optic, any Caliber <35 cal., Any Weight Rifle)


We will shoot from 600 yards this Saturday at 11 AM.

on the

Camp White Historic Military Range

Off Kershaw between Corey and Hwy 140

If you want to shoot 22 rounds instead of 17 rounds you can.

Try something different.

Bring out that old rifle that’s been gathering dust.

Frank 541 899 6872





Klamath Action Steel

Contact :    Bill Watson <>


This month’s Klamath Action Steel match will be this Saturday in Keno.

Registration at 9:00 with shooting to begin at 9:30.

We will be shooting from under the cover with the wood stoves going!!!

Please show up early if you can to help with setup.


Bill & Larry Watson




Why Aren’t You Shooting More?


I’m often surprised when a fellow member tells me…..

“I haven’t used the club this year as planned and I’m not renewing my membership”

Is it because………

You don’t want to get the 25% discount on next year’s Club Memberships? or

You lost your gun and it feels funny pointing your finger at the target and yelling BANG! or

You moved next door to the Police Station, and now you feel much safer? or

You’ve developed a new “dry-fire” training program that allows you to be a crack shot, without ammo? or

You became a Vegetarian, so you gave up hunting? or

You used up all your bullets on your first trip to the range, and haven’t bought more this year? or

You forgot the combination to your new gun safe, and can’t get your gun out? or

Did your dog bury your gun in the backyard? or

You found you had an allergy to the Blue Paint that we used on the building? or

Your Security FOB for the Club’s front door wore a hole in your pocket? or

You can’t stand to think of the Security Director watching you while you shoot? or

You haven’t yet found your second 3M foam rubber earplug?

You came to shoot, and everyone left?  Maybe it’s the mouthwash!

You won the lottery and now have a body guard?


Except for the last one

I’m glad it’s none of those reasons.

Here’s an idea how to make your practice time better

Plan a short practice,

15- 30 minutes is often adequate

Plan on shooting

50 rounds or less

Establish a goal to your practice

“to put all your shots in a certain size circle”

Come to the range with a plan

10 shots at 5 yards to warm up,

10 shots from 7yds, then 10 yards.

Two quick 5-shot strings, < 15 seconds each,

10 Slow shots from 10 yards making each one count

Take one of MRPC’s FREE Training Classes




Thanks for your Contribution

Kites to Dolls to Match Box Cars to Big Dump Trucks and Board Games

Something for every Kid and those young at heart!





Merry Christmas!               Happy New Year!


This information is provided to our members solely as a service.

The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors.

Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.