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MRPC News Week of 2-20-17

Full Bore Rifle Practice

Fullbore is going to hold a practice shoot this Saturday the 25th

11pm if not foggy, 1 pm if foggy in the morning

12 rounds or less at 300, 500 and 600yds, weather permitting.


We can get signed in for the Fullbore match which will be the

following Saturday March 4th.



CONTACT    Frank Scarlata

The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


March 4, 2017 



Sponsored by Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


DATES / TIMES: Saturday, March 4 . Sign ups at 9:00 a.m.,

Be on the firing line by 9:30am for a safety meeting if you intend to shoot.

Firing will commence at 10:00 am.


PLACE:  The Historic Camp White Rifle Range, Jackson County Sports Park, White City, Oregon


DIRECTIONS:  From I-5 exit 30 proceed north on Hwy 62 (Crater Lake Hwy) approximately 5 miles to Hwy 140. 

Turn right on 140 and 2 ¼ miles to Kershaw Rd.. Right on Kershaw Rd., and approximately ¼ mile to the main

entrance to the sports park on left (Thunder Rd.)  The Champion Raceway is on the Historic Camp White Rifle Range.


FEES:  $20.00 for the match. Pay at the range.


RULES:  NRA International Fullbore Prone Rifle Rules.  The rulebook may be viewed / downloaded at .  All firing will be squadded string fire.


COURSE OF FIRE:  Each stage will consist of 2 convertible sighting shots and 15 shots fired for record. 

It will be possible to fire 68 total rounds for 600 possible points. All firing will be from the prone position or

bench if necessary, slow fire, single load.                 


Match 1:

Stage 1 – 300 yards, MR63 / MR63-FC target

Stage 2 – 500 yards, MR65 / MR65-FC target

            Stages 3 – 600 yards, MR1 / MR1-FC target

            Stages 4 – 600 yards, MR1 / MR1-FC target


CATEGORIES: This is a club match. All capable center-fire rifles are welcome!


            F  CLASS (Free Rifle) – Any rifle of a caliber not greater than .35, 22lbs max weight, any sights, may be fired

                        from a front rest, a rear rest, or both.  The rifle butt must contact the shoulder.

            F – T/R  (F-class Target Rifle)  –  Rifles chambered for unmodified .223 or .308, any safe trigger, any sights,

                        fired from a sling and or bipod, max weight 18 lbs 2 oz.

            Benchrest class-will be the same a F CLASS, except that it will be fired from a bench.


CLASSES:  This is not an NRA registered match, and as such all shooters will compete in the category or categories

            appropriate to their rifle. Prizes will be awarded in any class with five or more shooters.


AWARDS: There will be a 75% payout in each class.

All shooters will required to pull and score targets.


There will be a free BBQ for all competitors after the match.


For more info. Call: Frank Scarlata at:541-899-6872


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


Paste this YouTube link into your browser, or search in YouTube for How an AR-15 Works, Part I  It is an amazing machine, and it is a miracle they are as reliable as they are, considering all the moving parts, and the tolerances required to make this machine operate.  Part 2 of this topic will be sent out next week.

The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



.44 Magnum-Resistant Shield



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



Next  MRPC GUN SHOW  is March 11th and 12th


Have you ever wanted to have your own sales table?


For just $35.00 a member can reserve a table at the Gun Show and

sell your unwanted shooting accessories, guns, ammo, knives and other

related shooting, hunting, fishing items.


Contact Roger Mannix at 541-582-0333 for details and to reserve your table



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



This Saturday February 25th  9am

Come early to register  


Range Reserved until 1:30pm



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



Come by the Club’s Booth at the

Southern Oregon Sportsman’s Show

This weekend at the EXPO in Central Point.


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club












MRPC    NEWS   Weekend Update   2-18

MRPC NEWS Weekend Update 2-18








The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


No word on whether the National Bench Rest Shoots

are sticking it out tomorrow



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

















As follows














ENTRY FEE: $20.00






FRANK SCARLATA AT: 541-899-6872





The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


The Sound of Silence: H.R. 367 Hearing Protection Act of 2017


Keith Finch

February 14, 2017


For those who are quietly interested in silencers/suppressors gaining moment towards coming off of the National Firearms Act. Rep Jeff Duncan reintroduced a version of the Hearing Protection Act, Monday Jan 9 to the House Ways and Means and Judiciary committees.  I for one am looking forward to tracking H.R. 367’s momentum and see it passed allowing those of us that shoot to hear a little better, be more courteous of the noise to our neighbors, and just because it’s cool.  To be clear. It has not passed and this is not a law… yet.


Track H.R. 367 here at


So far it has 99 cosponsors, 5 committee actions, and a nearly identical bill in the Senate S. 59


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



MRPC Fullbore Rifle

Will NOT shoot this Saturday Feb 18

because the

National Bench Rest Shooters Association (NBRSA)

is having a Match on the range on Sunday


For more information about NBRSA go to:  


·         or


or come to watch the match.  Bring hearing and sight protection


See you next week for Fullbore

Frank 541 899 6872



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



These meetings are held the

1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm

and the

3rd Sunday of the Month at 3pm


If you have questions about:

·         your membership,

·         want to renew your membership, or

·         have questions about the club, or

·         just want to come visit;

come ½ hour early.   


You’re not required to attend the orientation class, if your renewing a membership.


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



For information—–


Local Match—This Sunday Feb. 19th at 9am  

Come early to register, pay and help set up

Always check the MRPC Calendar for last minute cancellations or time changes.


Contact:  Cathy & Eric Hill   530.459-0223


USPSA Getting Started Competing


We’re thrilled that you are interested enough in practical shooting to explore how best to get started. You are about to take the first step on an exciting journey to a new world of safe, fair, family fun with some of the greatest people you will ever know.

Click on the "Join USPSA" button for a list of membership options and benefits. The United States Practical Shooting Associations (USPSA) is the premier competitive shooting organization in the world. USPSA membership is your pass to compete in any USPSA or IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) match anywhere in the world.

USPSA membership does not include range or local club membership. In most cases you will be allowed to compete in local matches even if you don’t belong to the local organizations. You will discover, though, that there are many advantages to belonging to a club in your area, if for no other reason than the camaraderie that exists among like-minded enthusiasts!

Practical Shooting IS competition. Competition necessarily requires that there be more than one person taking part, so the first step is to locate someone near you with whom to compete. Fortunately, USPSA has nearly 400 affiliated clubs located in or near most communities in the United States so it shouldn’t be difficult. Click on the "Match Schedule & Results" button on the left to find a club near you, then contact the local people and make arrangements to visit the club during a match or practice session.

The local club leaders will be excited to see you and eager to answer your questions, but here are a few pointers to make that first visit a pleasant experience for all concerned.

* Do take and wear eye and ear protection. Your normal corrective lens or sunglasses will serve for your first visit. Inexpensive foam earplugs available at most sporting goods or hardware stores will suffice for hearing protection. Most clubs will have such items available for visitors, but having your own will simplify the process and ensure that you will be able to watch the match.

* Don’t assume you know more than you do. Use your first visit to concentrate on watching, listening, and learning.

* Don’t assume that you will be allowed to shoot the first time you go to the club. Many USPSA affiliated clubs require that new competitors complete a "safety check" before shooting an actual match. Some clubs will be willing to administer the check on the day you visit while others will require a stand-alone session at another time.


 Firearms & Holsters

It may be that the firearm you already own will be just what you need to get started in practical shooting, but you may learn of other competitive opportunities that will give you that excuse you’ve been looking for to buy a new toy! USPSA has five competitive divisions, delineated by equipment rules. Unless you are blessed with more money than you need, we recommend that you don’t rush out and spend until you’ve had the opportunity to learn enough about the sport to make an informed decision.

Holsters must retain the firearm during any required movement, must cover the trigger of a holstered gun, must point to the ground when the firearm is holstered, and must be carried at belt level; shoulder holsters, fanny packs, et al, are not permissible at USPSA events. Further, Production Division has additional holster restrictions. Go to our Rulebook, page 91, for more information about the equipment requirements of each division.


 Other Equipment

Other necessary equipment includes spare magazines or speed loaders and belt mounted carriers. In most cases at least one magazine will be included with the firearm when you bought it, but having at least five magazines is desirable to be sure to get you through the various stages in a match. Magazines should be available from the gun manufacturer or from a variety of after market sources.

We recommend three to four belt mounted magazine/speed loader carriers, depending on the divisions in which you choose to compete.



Most USPSA members reload their own ammunition, although some use factory loads. Reloading is common for reasons of both economy and performance. The desirability of reloading depends on the divisions in which you choose to compete and the caliber you select. The division choice frequently influences the caliber choice. The issues involved in caliber choice include magazine capacity, recoil, and the division rules.

For example, most Open Division competitors use .38 Super or one of its variants. Most firearms built to compete in Open Division require specific bullet weights and velocities to reach full potential so most Open competitors choose to reload.

Limited Division is dominated by the .40S&W cartridge fired in highly tuned firearms similar those found in Open Division, although they are less complex. Most Limited competitors also opt to reload.

Many who compete in Limited 10 (L10) Division use the same guns they use in Limited Division, but the division rules allow no more than 10 rounds in the magazine. However, a growing number of people compete in L10 with single stack 1911-pattern firearms in 40S&W or .45ACP. While most L10 competitors reload, it is more feasible to use factory ammunition here than in either Open or Limited.

Production Division provides a competitive venue for the box-stock firearms people typically purchase for self-defense. Most Production competitors use 9MM or 40S&W calibers. Because the power requirements in Production are less than those in the other divisions, factory ammunition is common.

The most commonly used calibers in Revolver Division are .45ACP and .357 Magnum. The recoil dished up by factory ammunition can be significant in a revolver, and most competitors find that there are combinations of bullet and powder that can be hand loaded to provide the necessary accuracy and velocities without the recoil (and cost!) of most factory ammunition.



Visit our USPSA Vendor List to find those serving the ammunition, equipment, component, and training needs of our members.



It is important to have realistic expectations as you approach competitive shooting. Many people, but most especially those without a lot of shooting experience, make unreasonable assumptions about this game.

If you had just begun to golf it is unlikely that you would assume you know how to golf before the first lesson. You’ve probably seen Tiger Woods on television and heard the commentators wax eloquent about his skills. You may have seen him muff a shot and go into the rough. Even if you’ve never swung a club yourself you understand that golf is hard.

Unfortunately, many people are exposed to shooting only on television or in the movies and they believe a lot of myths that are presented therein. Our heroes are shown hitting difficult targets at extreme ranges without seeming to aim. Looks easy. Anyone can do that. Even people with some shooting experience may fall into the trap of believing that tin can plinking or hunting has prepared them for competitive shooting.

Practical shooting is an exciting, fun, safe sport. Like any sport, though, it takes time and effort to become proficient. Like any sport there will be times when your progress is rapid and it’s easy to remain focused on your goal. At other times it will seem that you’re not getting anywhere and it will be easy to become discouraged. Consistent practice will take you where you want to go.

Welcome aboard!


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club






First on the Agenda

will be our Special Guest

Bill Meyer

KMED’s Talk Radio Host,



Bill will tell us of his recent experience at the

January SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada

He might also weigh in on current political topics

<img width="313" height="310" id="Picture_x0020_2" src="" alt="cid:image001.jpg@01D282A7.856B5980“>

He can’t stay long,

So don’t be late!

MRPC   NEWS   2-14-2017    Happy Valentine’s Day!

MRPC NEWS 2-14-2017 Happy Valentine’s Day!


        WEDESDAY @ 7PM


First on the Agenda

      will be our

    Special Guest

Bill Meyer, KMED’s Talk Radio Host,

Bill will tell us of his recent experience at the

January SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada

He might also weigh in on current political topics

<img width="313" height="310" id="Picture_x0020_2" src="" alt="cid:image001.jpg@01D282A7.856B5980“>

You’ve heard him on the Radio,

    Come meet him in person !






Weather Permitting



Saturdays—    Days with no Fog—shooting starts at 11am

                        Days with Fog——-shooting starts at 1pm

Wednesdays    Shooting                  shooting starts—unknown at this time

Come ½ hour early to set-up, form squads & have a safety meeting!


LOCATION-–Camp White Historic Rifle Range

                        Off Kershaw Road, through White Steel Gate


Sat.      Feb. 25            Fullbore match—

                                                Course of Fire to be out soon

Sat.      March 4           Fullbore practice.

Sat.      March 11         Fullbore practice.

Weds.  March 15         Fullbore practice.

Weds. March 22         Fullbore practice.

Weds. March 29         Fullbore practice.



At least 20 rounds for score with 2 sighters

            Matches may require more ammunition

All Center Fire Rifles, 35 cal and less.

Any optics &/or iron sights






            The Issue Is Self-Defense

By now many of you know that Mike Strickland, a pro-gun, free lance journalist was convicted of  21 counts of self-defense on Friday, Feb.10.

Strickland had been attacked by a mob in Portland while covering a “Black Lives Matter” protest. The attack was planned and coordinated in advance.


You can read more about it here. Victoria Taft has done an outstanding job of documenting the attack and the trial and you can see that here.

In truth, Mike was convicted the moment he was arrested by Portland Police for defending himself against the same kind of mobsters who have trashed Portland repeatedly.  Their criminal actions are rarely punished by a county “Justice System ” that encourages rioting and looting but creates political prisoners of people who attempt to defend themselves from criminal attack.


From the moment he was arraigned it was clear the fix was in. As soon as the D.A.’s office in Multnomah County realized who Mike was, they began to assure he would never get a fair trial. And they succeeded.


Mike’s bail was set at an astonishing and unprecedented quarter of a million dollars!   The D.A.’s office made open and absurd accusations about him to the press. They said he was a “white nationalist” and a “racist.” All of it was lies. But what would you expect from a county whose D.A. is a rabid advocate for gun restrictions?  D.A. Rod Underhill has testified in favor of gun control bills in Salem and is a proud member of an anti-gun prosecutor’s organization.


Multnomah County is also home to Judge Kenneth Walker who said (in open court) “If I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean. Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them.”

All complaints about Walker’s clear bias against the Constitutions of the United States and Oregon were dismissed. Oregon’s Commission on Judicial Fitness found nothing wrong with Walker’s outburst.


When it came time to seat a jury it became clear very quickly that the chances of getting impartial jurists in Multnomah County were almost zero. Only two of the potential jurors believed it was OK to have a firearm for self-protection. Both would be eliminated by the prosecutors.  Michael’s lawyers made the decision to dispense with the jury and opted for a bench trial. They understood their only hope was a fair and honest judge.  They hoped for too much.


As the trial proceeded, everyone: Michael, his lawyers, and supporters in the courtroom were optimistic and confident. The prosecution witnesses either admitted their criminal plans or were quickly proven to be liars.  There is even video of the perpetrators physically assaulting Michael, from his own camera. That video has been ordered SEALED by the very judge who presided over the trial and will likely never be seen by the public.

Everything seemed to be going Mike’s way. But, after all, this is Multnomah County, the county that says your car and your front porch are “public places.” 


On Thursday, it appeared the trial was over. A use of force expert had testified that Michael’s actions were reasonable. Everyone was sure that Michael would prevail. Then the Multnomah County D.A. announced that they were going to have another surprise witness on Friday to testify that Mike’s use of “force” was criminal. The observers, and Mike’s lawyers were stunned by this last minute ambush witness. 

Keep in mind that Mike’s “criminal” actions consisted solely of drawing a lawfully possessed firearm in the face of a mob of armed attackers and backing away without ever placing his finger on the trigger.


The ambush witness was Ryan Rasmussen, a Gresham cop who was not at the scene of the attack but agreed (for reasons yet to be determined) to come in at the 11th hour and testify that drawing your gun in the face of an attacking mob is not “reasonable.”  Rasmussen testified that all of the training that he had received and that he teaches centers solely around law enforcement or military, and that none of it applies to civilians. He even testified that police are held to a higher standard than civilians.


Within a minute of the closing arguments, after Rasmussen finished his attacks on Strickland, Judge Thomas Ryan found him guilty on all 21 counts. Mike, his lawyers, and supporters were astonished.


Keep in mind, in Oregon there is no duty to retreat from attackers. But the D.A. and their hired gun witness said Michael’s behavior was criminal because he did not run away. In fact, multiple videos of the event show very, very clearly that Strickland was making every attempt to back away. Michael has had knee issues in the past and has trouble running. Add to that he was weighed down by his backpack full of computer and camera equipment, as well as the tripod with his camera on it. It would have been impossible for him to run away, as he would surely have been tackled behind by the mob.


Incredibly, the DA attacked Mike because, after he felt he was safely away from his attackers, he holstered his gun.  A Portland Police Sgt. who was part of the squad that arrested Michael told us he thought everything Mike did was correct. But none of that mattered. Strickland’s long history of exposing the hypocrisy and tyranny of the left in Oregon meant he had to be made an example of.  They had the power to silence him and chill anyone else who dared shine a light on them and they used it.


This case is about so much more than Mike. If this conviction stands, self-defense in Multnomah County, and soon all of Oregon, will be a dead issue. The prosecution attacked Mike because he had backup ammo! They attacked him because he did not “run away” when in fact he did. They told lies about him to taint the jury pool and build up hatred for him in the press.  Who among us is next?


If ever there was a clear cut case of self-defense, this was it. But a leftist, activist judge in a leftist county decided to ignore the facts and the law and condemn Mike for doing what any rational person in his position would have done.


Multnomah County has sent a message loud and clear. If you riot, attack people and destroy property, you will be protected. If you try to defend yourself from criminals, you will be convicted and jailed. It is simple insanity. What Judge Ryan and D.A. Underhill have said is this. “If you come to Multnomah County and a gang of thugs attacks you, lie down and take the beating. If you are not killed, you will be better off than if you defend yourself and we get ahold of you.”


Because of many generous donors, OFF was able to contribute generously to Mike’s defense. Now we have no choice but to appeal. If we don’t, no one is safe and a precedent has been set for the rest of the state. Politically motivated judges and D.A.’s can ignore the law with impunity. We will sink into anarchy.


Please consider helping us help Mike and all rational people who want to be able to protect themselves from the thugs who thrive in Portland. This is going to be an expensive fight and we are going to need all the help we can get.


Every single dime you donate goes directly to Mike’s defense.  This battle is not just about injustice to one man. This fight is about all of us.

You can make a secure donation on line here. Please use any available box to indicate your contribution is for Mike Strickland. Time is short and this is an absolutely critical battle.




Most seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom, God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other things, thus doing more walking. And God looked down and saw that it was good.
            Then God saw there was another need. In His wisdom, He made seniors lose coordination so they would drop things, requiring them to bend, reach & stretch. And God looked down and saw that it was good.
            Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors would have additional calls of nature requiring more trips to the bathroom, thus providing more exercise. God looked down and saw that it was good.
            So, if you find as you age you are getting up and down more, remember it’s God’s will. It is all in your best interest even though you mutter under your breath.

Nine Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older
#9 Death is the number 1 killer in the world.
#8 Life is sexually transmitted.
#7 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
#6 Men have 2 motivations: hunger and hanky panky and they
            can’t tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.
#5 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach
            a person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.
#4 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.
#3 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
#2 In the 60’s, people took LSD to make the world weird.
            Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.
#1 Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow.

The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE

Subject: Klamath Action Steel

Bill Watson <>


This Saturday we will be having our February action steel match in Keno.

Weather does not look very good so we will be shooting from under cover again this month

Registration is at 9:00 with shooting to start at 9:30

Please come early to help with setup if possible.


Bill & Larry Watson


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


Social Security Administration Gets Into Gun Ban Business

As he left office, President Obama affected American seniors who own or want to own guns by issuing an executive order directing the Social Security Administration to treat all Seniors in the same way the Veterans Administration does our vets. That is, the SSA now reports to the FBI anyone who prefers to have someone else handle their finances, and the FBI then puts that person on the list that is a LIFETIME BAN on owning firearms.
Naturally, the general media portrayed this as keeping guns out of the hands of those with serious mental defects, and when the House of Representatives voted 235 to 180
to repeal this gun confiscation move, the howls from the fourth estate nearly drowned out the facts. Nearly.
As a Gun Talk Truth Squad member, you have the opportunity to push back on these bogus reports, and to answer friends who offer that this ban "seems reasonable." Here are the facts.
The media said that the SSA would be providing the information to the FBI so these people could be included in a "background check database." Well … doesn’t that sound reasonable? The fact is that this move actually puts these people on a list that bans firearms ownership for life.
Who would oppose putting those with "serious mental defects" into a "background check database?" The NRA, of course. But wait. Another vocal opponent is the ACLU. Yes, the American Civil Liberties Union.  Groups supporting and providing aid to those who actually do suffer from mental handicaps also opposed the "I’m outta here" move by the departing President to ban tens of thousands of Americans from owning guns, and all without due process.
Here’s an example of the media coverage of the House vote to repeal this rule. This is from
Democrats ripped the move as an effort by Republicans to undermine background checks for gun purchasers. After the House vote, Sen. Dianne Feinstein pleaded with supporters to rally against the move in the Senate. “Senate may vote today to weaken background checks on gun purchases. Call your Senator to oppose this change — ensure your voice is heard!” she wrote.
Tell your friends that there has been a law in effect for decades that prohibits the truly mentally incompetent from owning guns, and this law provides for due process. Under current law, if one has been adjudicated mentally incompetent, he or she can’t own a gun. "Adjudicated." As in, a judge and a court room. Where you can defend yourself. Not a bureaucrat who checks a box and places your name on the banned-for-life list. ~ Tom Gresham




The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


This information is provided to our members solely as a service. 

The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors. 

Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.


MRPC 02-12-17 Steel Match Cancellation

MRPC 02-12-17 Steel Match Cancellation

Do to the very wet range conditions and the fact that it is still raining, I regret the fact that we will need to cancel yet another Steel Match. Maybe next month.
Rick Isner

MRPC    NEWS    2-9-2017

MRPC NEWS 2-9-2017



So far this week, the Weatherman is saying that we might actually have

good enough weather this weekend to have a Steel Match.


It’s been a few months of really poor weather, so we’re long overdue

to hear that BANG and CLANG of pistol bullets hitting Steel Targets.


We’ll have 5 Courses of Fire, 125 round minimum,

so oil up those Firearms and Come out this Sunday 2-12-17


Be there at 8:30 for registration, Shooting starts at 9am

for a whole lot of Fast and Furious fun shooting SPEED STEEL.


For more information contact Rick, Steel Director @



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


Ultimate Dog Tease


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE




Saturday at 1:00 pm     600 yards

White City Historic Military Range, Off Kershaw Rd

All Rifle Shooters welcome to attend—Members and General Public

All Calibers, All Optics,

20 rounds for score, 2 rounds for warm up



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


A wife asks her husband, "Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton

of milk and, if they have avocados, get 6.   A short time later the husband comes

back with 6 cartons of milk. The wife asks him, "Why did you buy 6 cartons of milk?"
He replied,
"They had avocados."


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE



Gun and Knife Show in Roseburg This Weekend

At the County Fair Grounds just off I-5

Opens at 9am  Saturday and Sunday


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE

Attend Next Week’s Club Meeting

Wednesday February 15th at 7pm at Club House


         Special Guest

Bill Meyer, KMED’s Talk Radio Host,

will attend the General Club meeting to tell us of his

experience at the January SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE




You know You’ve wanted a CCW Permit, but you’ve never got around to take a class.


Remember that using a firearm for self-defense can have serious consequences.

Making a wrong decision can thrust you into the criminal court system and/or result in a civil lawsuit.

This is why you want to take a comprehensive class that offers you the best training available.


Give you and your loved one a Valentine’s Gift by signing up for a class today!


On February 11th , starting at 9am, MRPC members; for only $25,  can take the

Oregon required class from the Valley’s Best CCW Instructor, Phil Grammatica,


This class offers far more than the minimum training offered at other places.  It is held at the CLUB’s

Indoor Range, so the class ends with supervised Live-Fire Range Time in the club’s heated range.


More information available under the “Training” tab of the club’s website



Directly E-mail Phil at


Also, if you travel to other states, ask about taking the Arizona CCW Permit class.

This class is also only $25, if you take both classes through the club.   The Arizona Non-Resident

CCW Permit is currently recognized in 31 States, including the States of Nevada and Utah.

To sign-up for this class, contact Sarah Vaca





Sportsman’s Show—-Volunteers Needed


Volunteers are needed for our booth at the Sportsmen’s Show Feb 24th, 25th, 26th

at the EXPO in Central Point.


It’s a fun time to talk to people, look at the display of Trophy Antlers

across the aisle.   Best of all, by helping at the booth you get FREE entry into the show.


Show special is a free CCW class and a New Club Membership for only $100.


Contact Ron Ruhlman  541-857-9032  or  e-mail



The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


Introducing New Mercedes Electric Car

            (Give it time to load)


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


This information is provided to our members solely as a service. 

The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors. 

Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.



















MRPC Lots Happening This Weekend


This Saturday


This is a BUG match ( Back Up Gun ) (small gun)


If you are going to shoot

Please review equipment rules for the division of BUG

as the rules have changed with the implementation

of the new rule book.


Match begins promptly at 0900 with a brief mandatory shooters meeting. 

Sign-ups start at 0830

New shooters must attend a safety and orientation meeting at 0830,

So please arrive early if you are a new shooter !





Leif has attached a brief cheat sheet outlining the bullet points of the new rule book changes. 

Please take a moment to read through this and if you have any questions,

we will answer them at the shooters meeting prior to starting the match. 

Remember, per the new and old rule book, it is up to the shooter to understand

and adhere to rules of the match. 

This includes equipment restrictions and concealment garment restrictions !





Leif Johnson      541-890-1195


If you’re interested in learning about Defensive Pistol Shooting,

This indoor match is perfect for spectators. 

Bring your Sight and Hearing Protection, or watch through the range windows. 

The building is heated and you can watch the match in warm comfort.







Fullbore Rifle Practice


DUE to a Weather Forecast for Fog Saturday morning


on the Camp White Rifle Range off Kershaw Road

from 600 yards



Here’s some related Rifle videos

for your Enjoyment and Education




Attention ALL Pistol Shooters!


Here’s a great video on

How to start STEEL CHALLENGE !

====Steel Challenge—-

The Home of Fast and Furious Shooting


Remember— MRPC Steel Challenge is held the 2nd Sunday of Each Month

unless the Weather is really bad.


A day shooting Steel is like a week of normal practice!

And it’s a heck of a lot more fun!


Next Match is Sunday February 12th





Then there is

USPSA Shooting



If this 13 year old can do it—-Why aren’t you?


(Control+Click on her name)



More information on Pistol Shooting


Tips on Trigger Control    by Julie GOLOB


Get a Grip and Control Recoil   by Julie GOLOB







Do you know when to RENEW your

MRPC membership?


You can check your Expiration Date at anytime!


Just log into the club’s website

Click on “LOGIN”

Under “Members Only”

it will tell you when you joined and when your membership expires.


If you allow your membership to lapse by 60 days,

you will not be eligible for the lower renewing membership fee, and

you will have to attend the New Member Orientation class again.



Here’s 3-Ways to Renew


#1 Internet Method

Go to the club website

Click on Membership Options, then

Click on NEED TO REVIEW?, then


Check your personal information on your Members Home page, and

indicate if your eligible for the Veterans Discount or not.*

Select how long you want to renew, and click on your selection,

This drops you into PayPal for easy payment.


*You can find the End Date of membership by looking at your MEMBERS HOME page



#2  In-Person Method


Come to the Club before a Scheduled New Member Orientation Class

You don’t need to retake the NMO class, but

the Membership Team will be there before the class to help you renew.


The Team will be available at the club house/indoor range on

the First Wednesday of the month from 6:15pm to 6:45pm  and

the 3rd Sunday of the month from 2:15pm to 2:45pm



#3  US Postal Service Method

Fill out an application (available on the front door of the range)

include a check for the amount and

mail them both to

MRPC,  P.O. Box 235, Medford, OR. 97501


Please allow more time if you use this option





View Online







A Settlement Has Been Proposed in an Economic Loss Lawsuit that Alleges Safety Defects


You may be eligible to have your firearm retrofitted or receive other benefits




Recently, a federal judge ordered the parties in an economic-loss class action to remind owners of certain Remington firearms that a settlement has been reached. The settlement involves two classes. The first class includes owners of firearms that utilize a trigger connector. The second class includes owners of firearms that utilize the X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism that is the subject of a voluntary safety recall. The settlement allows owners of Remington models 700, Seven, and related models to have their trigger replaced free of charge, among other benefits.


The settlement was entered following allegations that Remington firearms can fire without a trigger pull. Remington denies those allegations with respect to the trigger connector but is offering trigger replacements to ensure continued satisfaction for its valuable customers. With respect to X-Mark Pro trigger mechanisms, Remington has implemented a voluntary safety recall. If you own a firearm that is subject to the safety recall, stop using your firearm immediately.  Safety has always been a priority for Remington.


Even if you do nothing you will be bound by the Court’s decisions. If you want to keep your right to sue the Defendants yourself, you must exclude yourself from the Settlement Class by November 18, 2016. If you stay in the Settlement Class, you may object to the Settlement by November 18, 2016.


Call 1-800-876-5940 now to learn the models involved, make your claim or find out more. Or visit


Remington Outdoor Company | 870 Remington Drive | Madison, NC 27025 | United States






Oregon’s Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization




As we told you on January 10, Kate Brown has requested new legislation to further impede your right to lawfully acquire a firearm.


HB 2237 would eliminate the safeguard that allows a firearm’s transfer to take place after 3 business days have elapsed if the Oregon State Police do not complete a background check.


As with every other provision of law that allows people to exercise their Constitutionally protected rights, Brown and her Bloomberg funded flunkies are calling this safeguard "a loophole."


That’s right, when the state imposes a regulation that says your rights can be suspended by the state for no reason, any law that provides protections against indefinite suspension of those rights must be "a loophole."


Note, the OSP does not provide numbers on the far more common "delays" although in the past they have said they would. Under Oregon law, there is no limit on how long the OSP can "delay" a transfer. It can literally be years. That is why the rarely used safeguard allowing a transfer after 3 business days is so important. If the State Police don’t do their job, a perfectly qualified buyer can be delayed forever, and that is exactly what Brown is pushing for with her bill.


But let’s  look at the reality behind the rhetoric. All of the countless restrictions on our rights have been sold as a way to make us safer by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. But what happens when "dangerous" people attempt to buy guns and are "stopped" by this brilliant system?


We have just received the stats for 2016. As always, they highlight what a joke the system is. This information is directly from the State Police. These are their numbers and their charts and graphs.


In 2016 out of 302,725 attempted firearm’s purchases, the OSP denied 2591 of them (.86%).  That averages out to 216 denials a month. Of those, 78% were denials to "prohibited persons." To OSP that means "Individuals convicted of a felony, are on probation, have a restraining order, have been convicted of controlled substance crimes, certain misdemeanor convictions, and additional federal and state mandates."  In other words, bad hombres.


So what happens when the crack staff at the Firearms Instant Check Unit identifies one of these desperados? Well… not much.



In all of 2016, of the 2030 felons and other "prohibited persons" who attempted to buy guns, a grand total of 14 were arrested. Yes, that’s less than 1%.    That’s .0046% of all attempted purchases.


Of the 226 people OSP said were actually wanted when they attempted a purchase only 12 were arrested  (only 5% of the bad guys). 

Remember we started with 302,725 attempted firearm’s purchases.

Given that the number of unjustified delays is about 95%, it’s safe to say that the number of unjustified denials is also almost certainly quite high, but it’s still obvious that there is no serious effort to actually do anything about prohibited buyers. So what purpose does this charade serve? It serves to harass and inconvenience legitimate gun buyers.


HB 2237 has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee chaired by Representative Jeff Barker.  Please consider taking a minute to contact him and share these statistics with him and tell him to oppose this pointless and politically motivated attack on your rights. Tell him HB 2237 will do nothing but harass the good guys.


 Barker can be reached by email here:


He can be reached by phone at 503-986-1428




This information is provided to our members solely as a service.  The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors.  Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.




pdf icon Regarding-V2-of-the-rule-book.pdf



New Range Heater UP and RUNNING




Club Meeting Tonight at 7pm




Range Use / Etiquette


Lately rumors have been heard that some long-time members have been rude to other members,

telling them what to do and literally taking over the place. 

Taking the responsibility to be the “Range Master” does not give a member, new or old, the right to be rude or to bully others.


Remember that we were all new members at some time, and at sometime in the past

we all had to learn about how to use the range and our firearms.  

The club now has over 900 members and everyone must be courteous and friendly toward others.


Please be helpful and friendly to all other members. 

If you can help another member improve, whether a Safety Item or a Shooting Technique;

be friendly and explain to them what they might be doing it wrong, and recommend how to do it better.


Observe the 15-minute Rule

When a member(s) come in after you, be sure to work out with them how to enable them to shoot within 15-minutes of their arrival.


Remember, you can bring guests but you need to pay the $2 range fee.   

Only bring one specific guest 3 or 4 times.  Then encourage them to become a member.  


Be sure everyone entering the range signs the entry book at the front door BEFORE entering the range.   

Deposit $2 daily guest fee in the payment slot in the door inside the range.  

Also remember, you can only bring guests 4 days a month.  You get to choose which 4 days, but only 4 days a month.




FROM  Bill Watson <>

Keno January Action Steel Match

Saturday will be the January Action Steel match in Keno.

We will have five stages and will be shooting from under the cover.

Registration at 9:00 and shooting to begin at 9:30.

Please show up early and help with setup if you can.



Bill & Larry Watson






Two Tennessee rednecks were out hunting, and as they walked along they came upon a huge hole in the ground.

They approach it and where amazed at the size of it.

The first hunter says, "Wow, that’s some hole; I can’t even see the bottom. I wonder how deep it is?" 

The second hunter says," I don’t know. Let’s throw somethin’ down there, listen and see how long it takes to hit bottom."


The first hunter says, "Hey, there’s an old automobile transmission over there.  Give me a hand, we’ll throw it in and see."


So they pick it up and carry it over and count one, two, three and heave it in the hole. They are standing there listening, looking over the edge,

When they hear a rustling behind them. As they turn around, they see a goat come crashing through the underbrush,

run up to the hole and, without hesitation, jump in headfirst.


While they are standing there staring at each other in amazement, peering into the hole, trying to figure out what that was all about,

an old farmer saunters up.

"Say there," says the farmer, "You fellers didn’t happen to see my goat around here anywhere, did you ?"


The first hunter says,

"Funny you should ask, but we were just standing here a minute ago and

a goat came running out of the bushes doin’ bout a hunnert miles an hour and jumped . . .headfirst into this here hole!!"


The old farmer said, "Naw, that’s impossible . ..

I had him chained to a transmission."




Front Door Security Report

Building Use






January 2017 General Club Meeting

AGENDA    January 18th  2017  @7 pm

Call to Order

Attendance                 Members Present___   #     Officers___#    Introductions:


Requests to Make Changes to the Agenda

Presentation by:  


Director/Discipline Reports / Club Informational Period starting at 7pm      

GUN SHOWS——     Ron / Roger   Next Show

Fullbore Rifle             Frank Scarlata 

Three Gun                  Tom Cail

Practical Rifle             Dave Hanson

Bullseye/Precision Pistol  D. McFadden

IDPA                           Leif Johnson 

USPSA:                      Eric Hill

STEEL:                      Rick Isner

4-H:                            Raoul Salem

RVSSA:                                  Phil Grammatica

Club Security:            Dwayne Scherfy

Membership:              Scott Nolan (temp)

Training Programs     Phil Grammatica

Women’s Program Director— Kari Hatten


Business Meeting

Minutes:                                 December 2016 Meeting  -_______________         


Treasurers Report                 January  2017____$_____________



Insurance Payments

Shot Show Sponsorship of Bill Meyer   KMED  

            Change of Cleaning Company—Sanitech  $110/wk

            Membership Director Changes 

            Logo Development

            Sportsman’s Show

New Business:

          Emergency Purchase of new Range Heater   $2,700

Motion to Adjourn _____________Next Meeting   February 15th 2017   7pm at Club House 




This information is provided to our members solely as a service.

The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors.

Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.

































Range News


Bathroom Maintenance

Wednesday  January 18th from 9am to about 1pm, both bathroom at the indoor range

Will be CLOSED for cleaning and a hard waxing of the floor.




Range Heater

Sorry, I couldn’t get this news out by Friday but many of you, including the NMO class, found that

the Range Heater finally bit the dust, and was turned off for safety by the Club’s HVAC dealer.

RANGE WILL BE CLOSED January 17th, 2017 from 7am until the Heater is installed




Link to a new “Shooting Sports USA” article

Part 1 of 2

“A Clinic on Precision Pistol FUNDAMENTALS”  (aka..Bullseye)

Written by Brian Zins, 12-time NRA National Pistol Champion



Keep turning the pages because the following article is


About Electronic Red Dot Sights




My apologies to the USPSA Shooters

I was unable to get the news out about their Match Cancellation on Sunday





Attention Long Range Shooters

The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club’s

Fullbore Rifle Shooting Group

Practices from 300 yard, 500 yard, or 600 yards

Every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. (weather permitting)

At the High Power range, next to the drag strip

at the Jackson County Sports Park.

This practice is open to both members and the public.

The group regularly holds matches at

100, 200, 300, 500, and 600 yards.


For more info. Call: Frank Scarlata at


Or email him to get on the email list for updated changes

due to weather conditions at:



This information is provided to our members solely as a service.

The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors.

Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.