IDPA match this weekend 03/25/2017 at the outdoor LE range.  (6917 Kershaw Rd, Central Point, OR 97502)

New shooter meeting and sign-ups at 0830, First shots fired at 0900

There will be 5 stages with a round count of approx. 150 rounds.

Please take a few moments to double check your equipment and bounce it off of the new IDPA rule book.

Per the new rule book it is now the SHOOTER'S responsibility to know the rules for his equipment and the rules of the game !  If you have any questions please ask an RO and/or come early enough to attend the new shooters meeting. 
Set up for the match will be from 16:30- 18:30 on Friday afternoon and from 0730-0830 the morning of the match.
Please come help set up !