MRPC Mini-News

Fullbore Rifle

We will shoot this Saturday (02-03-18) @ 11am. 

Weather looks good, so we will shoot from 300 yards on the Camp White Range

this Saturday (3th) at 11 AM. Prone or bench 22 rounds.

Frank 541 899 6872


Any caliber any optics, please no muzzle breaks



Subject: KLAMATH Steel match for Feb

This Saturday February 3rd Steel Match 9am sign in with a start time of 9:30,

rimfire, center fire guns and ppc are welcome to come out for the match.

5 stages for skill level, good times for everyone see you at the range.

Note: down times stage, will be set up Josh, woohoo

Charlie     huntchukar <>




Klamath Mixed Steel Match 2/4/2018

Hello everybody!

I have good news. We have a mixed steel match this Sunday February 4th

The match will be 4 quick stages and we should be off the range around noon.

The return of the spinner(easier stage than last time)

The weather is looking like it will be amazing so we will be shooting out in the bays.

Apparently there is also a football game that people might be interested in, so we will get done as quickly as possible.

Hope to see you on the range.

Josh    JSSA Multigun <>



For anyone who has not tried mixed steel. It is setup to use as a practice match for 3-gun usually using shotgun and handguns. The format is very open ended and most stages you can shoot the way you want and what you think will give you the most practice. OR show up with what you have (Centerfire pistol/shotgun, Rimfire rifle/pistol, PCC, Slingshot/blow gun, NO CENTERFIRE RIFLE, Everything else or combination of the two we can make it work)  and we have the ability and divisions to let you shoot. The stages are inverse round counts. The more shotgun you shoot the less pistol is required or vice versa. Always add some extra for misses

Stage 1 –  Pistol about12    Shotgun  about 6 (spinner stage)

Stage 2 –  Pistol 18-0         Shotgun  9-0

Stage 3 –  Pistol 24-0         Shotgun  24-0

Stage 4  – Pistol 17-0         Shotgun  9-0

Total        Pistol  71-12       Shotgun  48-6

The match fee is $10

Keno Sportsman Park

Signups at 9:00am-ish shooting starts 9:30am

Setup at 8:00am

Remaining dates for this year’s matches are

Mixed Steel-

March 4, 2018

Klamath Multigun Matches-

April 7, 2018

July 29, 2018

Medford Multigun-

March 31, 2018

June 30, 2018

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