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Bill Meyer, KMED’s Talk Radio Host,

Bill will tell us of his recent experience at the

January SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada

He might also weigh in on current political topics

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Saturdays—    Days with no Fog—shooting starts at 11am

                        Days with Fog——-shooting starts at 1pm

Wednesdays    Shooting                  shooting starts—unknown at this time

Come ½ hour early to set-up, form squads & have a safety meeting!


LOCATION-–Camp White Historic Rifle Range

                        Off Kershaw Road, through White Steel Gate


Sat.      Feb. 25            Fullbore match—

                                                Course of Fire to be out soon

Sat.      March 4           Fullbore practice.

Sat.      March 11         Fullbore practice.

Weds.  March 15         Fullbore practice.

Weds. March 22         Fullbore practice.

Weds. March 29         Fullbore practice.



At least 20 rounds for score with 2 sighters

            Matches may require more ammunition

All Center Fire Rifles, 35 cal and less.

Any optics &/or iron sights






            The Issue Is Self-Defense

By now many of you know that Mike Strickland, a pro-gun, free lance journalist was convicted of  21 counts of self-defense on Friday, Feb.10.

Strickland had been attacked by a mob in Portland while covering a “Black Lives Matter” protest. The attack was planned and coordinated in advance.


You can read more about it here. Victoria Taft has done an outstanding job of documenting the attack and the trial and you can see that here.

In truth, Mike was convicted the moment he was arrested by Portland Police for defending himself against the same kind of mobsters who have trashed Portland repeatedly.  Their criminal actions are rarely punished by a county “Justice System ” that encourages rioting and looting but creates political prisoners of people who attempt to defend themselves from criminal attack.


From the moment he was arraigned it was clear the fix was in. As soon as the D.A.’s office in Multnomah County realized who Mike was, they began to assure he would never get a fair trial. And they succeeded.


Mike’s bail was set at an astonishing and unprecedented quarter of a million dollars!   The D.A.’s office made open and absurd accusations about him to the press. They said he was a “white nationalist” and a “racist.” All of it was lies. But what would you expect from a county whose D.A. is a rabid advocate for gun restrictions?  D.A. Rod Underhill has testified in favor of gun control bills in Salem and is a proud member of an anti-gun prosecutor’s organization.


Multnomah County is also home to Judge Kenneth Walker who said (in open court) “If I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges and go dump them in the ocean. Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them.”

All complaints about Walker’s clear bias against the Constitutions of the United States and Oregon were dismissed. Oregon’s Commission on Judicial Fitness found nothing wrong with Walker’s outburst.


When it came time to seat a jury it became clear very quickly that the chances of getting impartial jurists in Multnomah County were almost zero. Only two of the potential jurors believed it was OK to have a firearm for self-protection. Both would be eliminated by the prosecutors.  Michael’s lawyers made the decision to dispense with the jury and opted for a bench trial. They understood their only hope was a fair and honest judge.  They hoped for too much.


As the trial proceeded, everyone: Michael, his lawyers, and supporters in the courtroom were optimistic and confident. The prosecution witnesses either admitted their criminal plans or were quickly proven to be liars.  There is even video of the perpetrators physically assaulting Michael, from his own camera. That video has been ordered SEALED by the very judge who presided over the trial and will likely never be seen by the public.

Everything seemed to be going Mike’s way. But, after all, this is Multnomah County, the county that says your car and your front porch are “public places.” 


On Thursday, it appeared the trial was over. A use of force expert had testified that Michael’s actions were reasonable. Everyone was sure that Michael would prevail. Then the Multnomah County D.A. announced that they were going to have another surprise witness on Friday to testify that Mike’s use of “force” was criminal. The observers, and Mike’s lawyers were stunned by this last minute ambush witness. 

Keep in mind that Mike’s “criminal” actions consisted solely of drawing a lawfully possessed firearm in the face of a mob of armed attackers and backing away without ever placing his finger on the trigger.


The ambush witness was Ryan Rasmussen, a Gresham cop who was not at the scene of the attack but agreed (for reasons yet to be determined) to come in at the 11th hour and testify that drawing your gun in the face of an attacking mob is not “reasonable.”  Rasmussen testified that all of the training that he had received and that he teaches centers solely around law enforcement or military, and that none of it applies to civilians. He even testified that police are held to a higher standard than civilians.


Within a minute of the closing arguments, after Rasmussen finished his attacks on Strickland, Judge Thomas Ryan found him guilty on all 21 counts. Mike, his lawyers, and supporters were astonished.


Keep in mind, in Oregon there is no duty to retreat from attackers. But the D.A. and their hired gun witness said Michael’s behavior was criminal because he did not run away. In fact, multiple videos of the event show very, very clearly that Strickland was making every attempt to back away. Michael has had knee issues in the past and has trouble running. Add to that he was weighed down by his backpack full of computer and camera equipment, as well as the tripod with his camera on it. It would have been impossible for him to run away, as he would surely have been tackled behind by the mob.


Incredibly, the DA attacked Mike because, after he felt he was safely away from his attackers, he holstered his gun.  A Portland Police Sgt. who was part of the squad that arrested Michael told us he thought everything Mike did was correct. But none of that mattered. Strickland’s long history of exposing the hypocrisy and tyranny of the left in Oregon meant he had to be made an example of.  They had the power to silence him and chill anyone else who dared shine a light on them and they used it.


This case is about so much more than Mike. If this conviction stands, self-defense in Multnomah County, and soon all of Oregon, will be a dead issue. The prosecution attacked Mike because he had backup ammo! They attacked him because he did not “run away” when in fact he did. They told lies about him to taint the jury pool and build up hatred for him in the press.  Who among us is next?


If ever there was a clear cut case of self-defense, this was it. But a leftist, activist judge in a leftist county decided to ignore the facts and the law and condemn Mike for doing what any rational person in his position would have done.


Multnomah County has sent a message loud and clear. If you riot, attack people and destroy property, you will be protected. If you try to defend yourself from criminals, you will be convicted and jailed. It is simple insanity. What Judge Ryan and D.A. Underhill have said is this. “If you come to Multnomah County and a gang of thugs attacks you, lie down and take the beating. If you are not killed, you will be better off than if you defend yourself and we get ahold of you.”


Because of many generous donors, OFF was able to contribute generously to Mike’s defense. Now we have no choice but to appeal. If we don’t, no one is safe and a precedent has been set for the rest of the state. Politically motivated judges and D.A.’s can ignore the law with impunity. We will sink into anarchy.


Please consider helping us help Mike and all rational people who want to be able to protect themselves from the thugs who thrive in Portland. This is going to be an expensive fight and we are going to need all the help we can get.


Every single dime you donate goes directly to Mike’s defense.  This battle is not just about injustice to one man. This fight is about all of us.

You can make a secure donation on line here. Please use any available box to indicate your contribution is for Mike Strickland. Time is short and this is an absolutely critical battle.




Most seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom, God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other things, thus doing more walking. And God looked down and saw that it was good.
            Then God saw there was another need. In His wisdom, He made seniors lose coordination so they would drop things, requiring them to bend, reach & stretch. And God looked down and saw that it was good.
            Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors would have additional calls of nature requiring more trips to the bathroom, thus providing more exercise. God looked down and saw that it was good.
            So, if you find as you age you are getting up and down more, remember it’s God’s will. It is all in your best interest even though you mutter under your breath.

Nine Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older
#9 Death is the number 1 killer in the world.
#8 Life is sexually transmitted.
#7 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
#6 Men have 2 motivations: hunger and hanky panky and they
            can’t tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.
#5 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach
            a person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.
#4 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.
#3 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
#2 In the 60’s, people took LSD to make the world weird.
            Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.
#1 Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow.

The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE

Subject: Klamath Action Steel

Bill Watson <>


This Saturday we will be having our February action steel match in Keno.

Weather does not look very good so we will be shooting from under cover again this month

Registration is at 9:00 with shooting to start at 9:30

Please come early to help with setup if possible.


Bill & Larry Watson


The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


Social Security Administration Gets Into Gun Ban Business

As he left office, President Obama affected American seniors who own or want to own guns by issuing an executive order directing the Social Security Administration to treat all Seniors in the same way the Veterans Administration does our vets. That is, the SSA now reports to the FBI anyone who prefers to have someone else handle their finances, and the FBI then puts that person on the list that is a LIFETIME BAN on owning firearms.
Naturally, the general media portrayed this as keeping guns out of the hands of those with serious mental defects, and when the House of Representatives voted 235 to 180
to repeal this gun confiscation move, the howls from the fourth estate nearly drowned out the facts. Nearly.
As a Gun Talk Truth Squad member, you have the opportunity to push back on these bogus reports, and to answer friends who offer that this ban "seems reasonable." Here are the facts.
The media said that the SSA would be providing the information to the FBI so these people could be included in a "background check database." Well … doesn’t that sound reasonable? The fact is that this move actually puts these people on a list that bans firearms ownership for life.
Who would oppose putting those with "serious mental defects" into a "background check database?" The NRA, of course. But wait. Another vocal opponent is the ACLU. Yes, the American Civil Liberties Union.  Groups supporting and providing aid to those who actually do suffer from mental handicaps also opposed the "I’m outta here" move by the departing President to ban tens of thousands of Americans from owning guns, and all without due process.
Here’s an example of the media coverage of the House vote to repeal this rule. This is from
Democrats ripped the move as an effort by Republicans to undermine background checks for gun purchasers. After the House vote, Sen. Dianne Feinstein pleaded with supporters to rally against the move in the Senate. “Senate may vote today to weaken background checks on gun purchases. Call your Senator to oppose this change — ensure your voice is heard!” she wrote.
Tell your friends that there has been a law in effect for decades that prohibits the truly mentally incompetent from owning guns, and this law provides for due process. Under current law, if one has been adjudicated mentally incompetent, he or she can’t own a gun. "Adjudicated." As in, a judge and a court room. Where you can defend yourself. Not a bureaucrat who checks a box and places your name on the banned-for-life list. ~ Tom Gresham




The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club—BE SAFE


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The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors. 

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