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We will shoot on the Camp White range

this Wednesday at 500 yds at 5 PM.

22 rounds or less prone or bench.

Frank 541 899 6872




MRPC Range Safety

There have been reports of


from the trap at our indoor range.


Depending on the interval between trap cleanings, the

buildup of bullet reside and sand at the back and bottom of the trap,

can splatter out of the trap when hit by more high power/ high velocity rounds.


To reduce splatter,

It is recommended that general shooting be conducted from between the 7 to 10 yard lines,


if you must shoot closer, you may want to move the target frames near your target,

closer together so that the cardboard of the target frames helps shield you from splatter from the trap.


A small committee has been formed to look into other solutions.

If you have an idea, write it down and put it in the Entry Room’s Suggestion Box






Emergency Blood Shortage

Your Gift Matters!

Use this Link to Schedule a Blood Donation NOW !





Take Advantage of The Club’s  “FREE” Training Classes

Bring your spouse, Bring your children, Bring a friend


Taught by NRA Certified Instructors———–Range Time Included in the Classes


The Classes are:

1.      Introduction to Basic Pistol Shooting

2.      Introduction to Practical/Defensive Pistol

3.      Advance Practical Pistol Practice

4.      Women’s Defensive Pistol Training


Pre-Registration is Required

Call   541-774-1872


Email to


Safety and Proper Firearm Handling is Important for the Whole Family



This information is provided to our members solely as a service.  The opinions expressed are not the official position of MRPC, its Board, Officers or Directors.  Each member is encouraged to conduct their own study of these matters.










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