OREGON and Arizona CCW Classes

Saturday AM at Clubhouse


Contact Phil at

For information or to make a reservation


The best and lowest cost CCW class in the valley

and it has Supervised Range Time included.




Sunday 8am to 3pm

Sports Park Competition and Reserve Ranges

For more information contact Eric at uspsa.medford@a​


Fullbore Rifle

We will shoot on the Camp White Rifle Range this Saturday at 11AM at 600 yds.

Off Kershaw Road, through the White Metal Gate.   Follow Road to Drag Strip.

Each shooter will shoot 22 rounds or less

from either a prone position (on the ground)


from a shooting bench.

We will have a Bar-B-Q after the shoot.

Frank 541 899 6872

First timer shooters shoot for FREE!  

Any centerfire rifle, < 35caliber, with any scope or open sights.

            Muzzle brakes not encouraged.


Fullbore Rifle    Results from Previous Weeks

Come and give it a try, it’s lots of fun.

You’re really only shooting against yourself.

Practice may not make perfect, but it certainly makes better.

Saturday 2-3-2018  from  300 yards

Editor Note——Yes, that’s my name on the bottom, bringing up the rear




Saturday 2-10-2016 from 500 yards







Klamath Action Steel Pistol Match

From: Bill Watson


JSPS Action Steel this Saturday, 5 stages of fast fun. Approximately 125 rounds

Registration begins at 9:00 with shooting to begin at 9:30. Hope to see you there!!

Bill & Larry Watson    <>




Go to the Sportsman’s Outdoor Show for FREE?

Contact Ron Ruhlman

and volunteer to help at the club’s Membership Booth.

Free time given to wander the show!

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