MRPC Spring Gun Show March 24 & 25.

Volunteers are needed to help run the show.

Set up/Tear Down, Take Money, Sell Raffle Tickets, Put up Signs,

And even cleaning the range (March 22nd)


Please call Ron Ruhlman 541-857-9032




FYI  the Club’s Special Event Fund Raiser

A drawing for a N.I.B. Kimber TEAM USA SHOOTING

1911 Pistol in 45 ACP   will be held

during the Club’s Gun Show.






Advanced Pistol Practice    IDPA/USPSA/STEEL

Starting tomorrow, Thursday March 15th

We will be meeting at the outdoor range Thursday’s at 5:30pm.

We will continue to practice outdoors until next fall’s time change.


The address for the range is 6917 Kershaw Rd. Central Point, OR 97502.

The Reserved and Competition Ranges at the Sports Park.

Go through the gate at the south end of the Sports Park’s Public Ranges


You do not have to pay the Park’s $5 daily range fee at the front entrance.

Just stop and tell them you’re going to the practice.  However, you still need

to sign an insurance waiver and pay a reduced Range Fee and any necessary

target costs to either Luke or Leif 


Feel free to bring your pistol, AR, and shotgun every week,

as we may have stages set up where you can use all of them!

Hope to see you there!


For More Information Contact   Leif Johnson  541-890-1195




Fullbore Rifle Practice and BBQ

Last Saturday was the last Saturday Practice for the Group.


Saturday’s Shooting was Spectacular

Mark and Herb both scored a perfect 200 points, with Mark winning by 4X counts.

The next 6 shooters were all in the range of 195 to 199 points with Norm, being the

highest X-count Shooter of the day with 17 Xs


With Daylight Savings Time upon us,

FullBore will start shooting Wednesday Late Afternoons (5pm)


No Shooting this week, but the next practice Wednesday 28th @ 5pm

weather permitting


Contact Wayne 541 899 6872 for more information




Klamath Action Steel


This Saturday will be the March Action Steel match in Keno.

Five stages from under cover (darn weatherman) 

Registration at 9:00 with shooting to start at 9:30.

Please show up early to help with setup if you can…..


Contact Bill Watson   for more information





Quick Research      According to “Statistic Brain” website   


School Shootings

Number of School Shootings from 2000 to March 2018                                           146

Number of School Shooting Deaths, from 2000 to March 2018                                158

Number of School Shooting Injuries, from 2000 to March 2018                               246


Teenage/Youth Suicide Statistics

Annual Number of Teen Suicides (ages 10-24)                                                         4,600

Annual Attempted Suicides                                                                                       575,000

Annual number of youth who require Medical Care for self-inflicted injuries          157,000


A Student is almost 500 times more likely to commit Suicide than be killed in a School Shooting!


Teenage Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths   2016                                                             2,820

            This rate appears to be dropping over the last 40 years


A Student appears to be almost 18 times more likely to die in a vehicle crash than a School Shooting!      

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