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We will shoot on the Camp White range

this Wednesday at 5 PM at 600 yards.

22 rounds or less prone or bench.


Bring a Friend


Frank 541 899 6872


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Young Local Shooter Wins Washington State Championship


   Daniel Geroux competed in the 2018 Washington Smallbore Rifle Metallic Silhouette

   State Championship Tournaments at the shooting range of the Pe Ell Sportsmen’s Club

   on Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th, 2018.


   Other than dry-firing his rifle at home, Daniel had not been able to practice for this

   tournament, largely because of work commitments and local unhealthy air quality.


   In Standard smallbore silhouette rifle division (the heavier rifles), Daniel shot his

   Anschütz Model 1710 bolt-action repeating rifle with a Leupold telescopic sight.  With

   a score of 84 hits (out of 120 hits possible for the two-day aggregate), he managed to win

   the AAA Class in the Standard Rifle Division with a three-point lead over the second-place



   At the present time, Daniel does not have a competitive rifle/telescopic sight combination

   for the Hunter Rifle Class.  Nevertheless, he was able to borrow a suitable rifle from

   another competitor (a different rifle from a different competitor on each of the two days)

   in order to compete.  He knocked down 89 targets (out of 120 hits possible for the two-day

   aggregate) to win the AAA Class in the Standard Rifle Division with a six-point lead.


   When Daniel has been truly up on his game and having a very good day at the shooting

   range, he has been able to knock down over 75% of his targets (e.g., more than 90 targets

   out of 120 hits possible).  So, his performance in the Washington State Championship

   tournament was quite close to being representative of Daniel at his best.


Very truly yours, Raoul B. Salem






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Medford IDPA August 2018 Match Results
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The Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

offers Club Members an

OREGON Concealed Carry Weapons Course



(A typical savings of $50 over the regular $75 price at other places)


This class offers far more than the minimum training offered at other places

It is held at the MRPC Indoor Range

Live-Fire Range Time included in the Class

On the Second Saturday of each Month.

Remember that using a firearm for self-defense can have serious consequences.

Making a wrong decision can thrust you into the criminal court system and/or result in a civil lawsuit.

This is why you want to take a comprehensive class that offers you the best training available.


More information available under the “Training” tab of the club’s website



Directly E-mail Phil at


                                      Also Available                                    .

        Arizona CCW Permit class      .


The Arizona Non-Resident CCW Permit is currently recognized in 31 States,

including the States of Nevada and Utah.  (33 when coupled with the Oregon CHL)



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