MRPC NEWS Correction #2


Editor’s Note


I’ve been contacted by the Rogue Valley Shooting Sports Association.  They operate the public ranges

at the Jackson County Sports Park.   During a review of this Target Stand, they noticed that the stand is

assembled with metal nuts & bolts.  In the interest of safety, they think that these parts, and the use of

metal spikes to anchor the stand to the ground, could create a situation resulting in a dangerous ricochet.


As such, RVSSA Range Rules require that



( If you already own one of these stands, you should replace the metal nuts & bolts with non-metallic

Nuts and Bolts (Nylon or other Plastics), and use non-metallic spikes to hold it in place )




HERE’S a NEW PRODUCT—-Made here in Oregon

Here’s a well-built new product on the market that can be used at the County’s Public Ranges.

I attended a demo about this product.   It is surprisingly light, and with multiple points to hold

1”x2”s, it gives shooters multiple ways to hold targets.


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