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Sorry, but due to expected poor weather,

tomorrow’s Fullbore Rifle Practice has been CANCELLED












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Medford Rifle Pistol Club


How to have Fun, Shoot Better and Be Safe!


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Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


Fullbore Rifle Practice

Depending on the weather

We will shoot this Saturday @ 11 am

on the Camp White Historic Rifle Range

Go thru the white steel gate off Kershaw Rd., south of Hwy 140

Follow road towards the Dragstrip.

From the

600 yard cover

22 rounds or less

From either prone or bench.

Any rifle less than 35 caliber, any optics

Please no muzzle brakes


COST is only $5  

includes County Range Fee, Target Costs and Insurance.


MRPC MEMBERS and the General Public are welcome


Contact Frank 541-899-6872 for more information


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

This weekend in Klamath Falls/Keno

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Subject: Mixed Steel Shoot on 1/6/2019


Hello everybody.     The second best thing to do in the winter has returned! (Third if you’re Canadian)


Mixed steel match this Sunday        

5 stages of fun and challenging action.


Hope to see you on the range.




For anyone who has not tried mixed steel. It is setup to use as a practice match for 3-gun usually using shotgun and handguns.

The format is very open ended and most stages you can shoot the way you want or what you think will give you the

most practice.


Show up with what you have (Centerfire pistol/shotgun, Rimfire rifle/pistol, PCC, Slingshot/blow gun, but NO CENTERFIRE RIFLE,

Everything else or combination of the two we can make it work)  and we have the ability and can add divisions to let you shoot.

The stages are inverse round counts. The more shotgun you shoot the less pistol is required or vice versa.


Always add some extra ammo for misses


Stage 1 –  Pistol about12    Shotgun  about 6 (spinner stage)

Stage 2 –  Pistol          Shotgun

Stage 3 –  Pistol          Shotgun

Stage 4  – Pistol          Shotgun 

Stage 5  – Pistol          Shotgun

Totals approximately      Pistol 60-80rnds        Shotgun 25-40 



The match fee is $10


Keno Sportsman Park

Signups at 9:00am-ish shooting starts 9:30am

Setup at 8:00am


Drive Carefully and give yourself plenty of time to get there


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


Concealed Carry Weapons Courses



Directly E-mail Phil at




          FOR THE LOW COST OF ONLY $25.00

            (A typical savings of $50 over the regular $75 price at other places)


            This class offers far more than the minimum training offered at other places

       It is held at the MRPC Indoor Range

            Live-Fire Range Time included in the Class


       On the Second Saturday of each Month.

            Remember that using a firearm for self-defense can have serious consequences.

                        Making a wrong decision can thrust you into the criminal court system and/or result in a civil lawsuit.

            This is why you want to take a comprehensive class that offers you the best training available.


            More information available under the “Training” tab of the club’s website


          Directly E-mail Phil at




          The Arizona Non-Resident CCW Permit is currently recognized in 31 States,

          including the States of Nevada and Utah.  (33 when coupled with the Oregon CHL)

                                Directly E-mail Phil at


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


Medford Pistol Match Schedule for January


Steel Challenge 

2nd Sunday of the Month  01-13-2019  9:30am

Fast and Furious—How Fast are you?

Set up is at 9am before the match

Come Early and Help Set Up



3rd Sunday of the Month  01-20-2019 9:30am

Please volunteer to set up for the match—9am



4th Saturday of the Month  01-26-2019  9am

January and February matches are held indoors

at Club’s indoor Range.  

January is a BUG MATCH where you only

use your small carry/back-up gun

Know the rules specific to back-up gun division.

Guns will be checked to ensure they comply with Rules


Call Leif Johnson 541-890-1195 if you can help with Set Up

Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


FREE Firearm Training Classes @ MRPC

MRPC offers several training classes that range from beginner level to advanced, as well

as specialty classes like the Concealed Handgun Class for Oregon and the related Arizona

Concealed Weapon class. We also have a regular practice session for advanced pistol.


Once you are up to speed, you might consider joining one of our competition sports like IDAP,

USPSA, or Speed-Steel. For more information on those and other competition/training groups,

see the Shooting Disciplines page in the club’s website.


Below are the current offerings listed in their natural progression.

Feel free to contact, Director of Training Phil at for more information.

Progressive Training Opportunities

Intro to Basic Pistol Shooting

Women’s Defensive Pistol

Intro to Practical/Competitive Pistol

Advanced Practical Pistol


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

The County’s Sports Park

Public Shooting Ranges

are looking for

Additional/New Range Officers.


Have fun!, Meet People! Help Keep People Safe!


Contact Phil at RVSSA

Medford Rifle and Pistol Club

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About

Pistols And Pistol Ammo?

by W. H. “Chip” Gross

How much do you know—or think you know—about handguns and handgun ammunition? 

Take this 10-question quiz to find out. We’ll start with a few easier questions and get tougher as we go.

The answers are at the end of the quiz but don’t peek ahead, we’ll know!


1.  Modern handguns can be used for?

a.  Self-defense
b.  Recreational/competitive shooting
c.  Hunting
d.  All of the above


2.  Centerfire handgun cartridges have how many parts?

a.  Three
b.  Four
c.  Five
d.  Six


3.  True or false: revolvers are fired either single-action or double-action?

a.  True
b.  False


4.  True or false: semi-automatic handguns are either hammer-fired or striker-fired?

a.  True
b.  False


5.  In the popular .45 ACP handgun cartridge, what does ACP stand for?

a.  Ammunition Custom Products
b.  American Colt Pistol
c.  Automatic Colt Pistol
d.  None of the above


6.  The classic 1911-style semi-automatic handgun was introduced in the year 1911 by what American gun maker?

a.  Smith & Wesson
b.  Remington
c.  Colt
d.  Winchester


7.  True or false: Glock semi-automatic handguns can be safely carried with their manual safety either engaged or disengaged?

a.  True
b.  False


8.  True or false: the caliber of a handgun is measured either in thousandths of an inch, or in millimeters?

a.  True
b.  False


9.  The historic Derringer handgun was of what size?

a.  Small
b.  Medium
c.  Large
d.  Magnum


10.  The best way to become a good handgun shooter is to?

a.  Take a solid stance
b.  Get a firm grip
c.  Concentrate on the front sight
d.  Maintain a smoother trigger pull and follow through
e.  All of the above





d, All of the above

b, Four (case, powder, primer, bullet)

a, True

a, True

c, Automatic Colt Pistol

c, Colt

b, False (Trick question! Like many handguns, Glocks have no manual safety, so be sure to remember this whenever you handle one!

a, True (Handgun caliber measured in thousandths of an inch is the American method of calculating caliber; measuring in millimeters is the European method.)

a, Small (The original Derringer was a single-shot, muzzleloading percussion-cap pistol introduced in 1852 by Henry Deringer)

e, All of the above (and practice, practice, practice!)


Score Card:

Well, how did you do?

One to five answers correct: keep shooting.

Six to eight answers correct: well done.

Nine or ten answers correct: You’re a handgunner!


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


How much do you know—or think you know—

about rifles and rifle ammunition?

Take our 10-question quiz and find out.


The answers are at the end of the quiz but don’t peek ahead, we’ll know!


1)  True or false, all modern rifle ammunition is either rimfire or centerfire?

a. True
b. False


2)  In the AR-15 style of rifles so popular today, what do the initials AR stand for?

a. Automatic Rifle
b. Assault Rifle
c. ArmaLite Rifle
d. All of the above terms may correctly be used interchangeably


3)  AR-15 style rifles are sometimes called MSRs; what do those initials stand for?

a. Modern Sporting Rifle
b. Military Style Rifle
c. Manufacturer’s Suggested Rifle (as recommended for beginners)
d. None of the above


4)  The popular .30/06 rifle cartridge is of what caliber and in what year was it introduced?

a. .30 caliber and 1806
b. .30 caliber and 1906
c. .30 caliber and 2006
d. None of the above


5)  When sighting-in a rifle with open sights, also known as iron sights, which direction should you move the rear sight?

a. In the same direction you want the hits on the target to move
b. In the opposite direction you want the hits on the target to move
c. Just give up and put a telescopic sight on the rifle!


6)  In what era of American history did the term “sniper” originate?

a. Frontier era
b. Market-hunting era
c. Civil War era


7)  Which of the terms below has to do with the misfiring of a flintlock muzzleloading rifle?

a. Going off half-cocked
b. Flash in the pan
c. Shooting your wad
d. All of the above


8)  In the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, what is the action of the rifle that participants are required to shoot?

a. Bolt-action
b. Semi-automatic action
c. Lever-action
d. Any of the above, it’s a matter of the participant’s choice


9)  In the sport of 3-Gun, what is the action of the rifle that participants shoot?

a. Bolt-action
b. Semi-automatic action
c. Lever-action


10)  Which rifle did you first learn to shoot?

a. BB gun
b. .22 LR
c. Other



A (True)

C (ArmaLite Rifle: In the 1950s, ArmaLite was the first gun manufacturer to introduce the AR-15 style rifle to the general public; it was the civilian, semiautomatic version of the military’s M16.)

A (Modern Sporting Rifle)

B (.30 caliber and 1906)

A (Move the rear sight in the same direction you want the hits on the target to move)

B (Market-hunting era: Years ago when wildlife was allowed to be sold for food, one of the species hunted was a shorebird known as a snipe.  And, yes, there really are such critters.  But snipe fly very fast and erratically, so to be known as a “sniper” you had to become a good wingshot with a shotgun.  Today, the term “sniper” has evolved into describing anyone who is an excellent shot with any type of firearm, but particularly a rifle.)

D (All of the above)

C (Lever action)

B (Semiautomatic action)

A, B, or C (It doesn’t matter how you answered our last quiz question, your first shooting experience with a rifle still remains a special memory, doesn’t it? Your homework is to pass that experience along to a new shooter!)


Score Card: Well, how did you do?

One to five answers correct: keep shooting.

Six to eight answers correct: well done.

Nine or 10 answers correct: Top Gun!

Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


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