Gun Owners Are Urged To Attend


Pro-Gun Rally

Medford City Hall

From 11am to 1pm

In opposition to Ballot Measures 43 and 44


Ballot Measure 43

Calls for the reduction, elimination, &/or registering of Assault Style Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines



Ballot Measure 44

One More Anti-Gun Ballot Measure    

Another anti-gun ballot measure has been filed. As you can see, in this case one of the chief petitioners is not even an Oregon resident.

This measure requires that firearms be locked up and may not be “transferred” without having trigger locks or being in locked containers.  

Of course it is no longer even legal to transfer a firearm except to close family members unless the transfer is done through a dealer, so who is liable then?

Section 2 (sub 3) would hold you strictly liable for any injury that occurred five years after you transferred a firearm without a trigger lock .

We’ll update as we  analyze the latest hare-brained push by the mindless Bloomberg stooges.

READ the Measure HERE






We will not be having an IDPA match this month.

The NRA is putting on a military/law enforcement match at the

outdoor range, so we will not have space available for our match.

Keep practicing and see you all on May 26th!

Leif 541-890-1195




And the Winner is…………

Melonie Young is now the proud owner of

a Kimber “Shooting USA” 1911 in 45ACP


The Club’s 2nd Raffle for another Kimber has now started. 

Tickets available at New Member Orientations.  Only 500

tickets will be sold @ $5 each or 11 tickets for $50

For this lovely Kimber Gold Match 1911 in 45ACP

Contact Steve Sampson for information and tickets









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