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Merry Christmas,

Happy New Year,

Happy Hanukkah,

Happy Holidays.


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December General Club Meeting

TONIGHT Wednesday December 19th

7pm  at the Indoor Range

Election of 2019 Officers and General Review of 2018


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


2018 President’s Message

It’s been another good year at MRPC.   We continue to stress that members

and our guests be ever vigilant to remain safe, both from Fast lead and

Slow lead.   Dwayne Sherfey, David Nulton, Tyler Newenschaunder, Tracey

Maupin and Al Allen have all helped to maintain and operate the security

system, the monitoring of our safety cameras, helping club members to

learn how to correctly be “safe at a range” and talking to new members

during New Member Orientations!


We’ve made physical and capital improvements to the club such as the much

needed  new Ventilation system and recently our new paint job and acoustic

tiles on the walls of the range.   The club hasn’t looked this good in over 20 years.

We are blessed to have a great bunch of active members that at willing and able

to take the lead within our club.  Vice President Steve Sampson and his construction

crew of Don Chandler, Larry Sands, Rick Haines  and Dan Hyde & Family


This year’s Gun Shows both added to the club’s operating funds, turning a nice

return on the hard work of Roger Mannix, Ron Ruhlman, Rickie Allen, Richard

Two Bears, Everett Goettsch and Wayne and Glenna Morgan.   The change from

holding a 3-day Thanksgiving Weekend show to a 2-day Pre-Thanksgiving show

appears to have had little effect on our bottom line.  Our next show

is in 2 or 3 months.


Our little Toy Drive netted 3 large garbage bags of toys for local  children.  The toys

will go to the Children’s Advocacy Center and the Family Nurturing Center.  Total

value collected was more than $700


Our fundraising raffles of two Kimber 1911 45ACP pistols this year also produced a

good return on our investment.    It was also popular because we kept the odds of

winning high by only sold 500 raffle tickets per gun,


Unfortunately, there’s little we can do about the continued attacks on our

2nd Amendment Rights, but I hope that all of you help and donate to the Pro-Gun

Organization of your choice.  Also, talk to all our legislators about improvements

to monitor people with mental health problems.  Reducing the number of suicides

by firearms would go a long way toward reducing the pressure of violence with guns.


Our training classes have continued to help people learn how to be better shooters.

Phil Grammatica, our training director and the instructors… Kari Hatten, Karen Bonnet,

Arthur Schultz, Diane Schultz, Barbara Wilson, Scott Nolan and Lief Johnson have

committed many, many hours.   If you add in the value of these FREE training courses,    

their efforts help to make our membership worth at least $400 to $500 more per member.

If you have not taken a class, try to do so in 2019.  You won’t be sorry.


The directors of the club’s shooting disciplines also deserve a round of applause.   Their

efforts to organize and run competitive Practices and Matches require many hours of

hard work and planning.   Next time you see Tom Cail, Rick Isner, Leif Johnson, Eric Hill,

Dave Hanson, Kari Hatten and Frank Scarlatta give them a heartly “Thank You”.  I’m sorry I

don’t know all the names of people that also work with our directors to help run our

shooting sports disciplines;  but again when you see someone volunteering to help, say

thanks for helping to “get’r done”.


I believe the club is going into 2019 is very good shape, and I wish you and yours a



David McFadden



Medford Rifle and Pistol Club





Oregon’s Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization

Oregon Firearms Federation, Box 556, Canby, OR 97013


Tuesday, December 18th, President Trump unveiled his finalized form of his "bump stock ban." In doing so he created countless new felons out of gun owners who have committed no crime, hurt no one and constituted no danger to anyone.

You can read the entire document here.

Persons who purchased these devices lawfully must now destroy them or turn them into the nearest BATF office. Those would be the folks who assured buyers that these accessories were legal.

The ruling states the following:

"The Department acknowledges comments on enforcement of and compliance with the rule. As stated in the NPRM, current possessors of bump-stock-type devices will be obligated to dispose of these devices. Acceptable methods of destruction include completely melting, shredding, or crushing the device. If the device is made of metal, an alternative acceptable method of destruction is using an oxy/acetylene torch to make three angled cuts that completely severs design features critical to the functionality of the bump-stock-type device. Each cut should remove at least¼ inch of metal per cut. Any method of destruction must render the device so that it is not readily restorable to a firing condition or is otherwise reduced to scrap. However, as the majority of bump-stock-type 67 devices are made of plastic material, individuals may use a hammer to break them apart so that the device is not readily restorable to a firing condition or is otherwise reduced to scrap, and throw the pieces away."

 The estimated cost for this pointless theft of private property (including the closed businesses and fired employees) is estimated to be about 312 million dollars.  That could build a nice stretch of wall.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said "We are faithfully following President Trump’s leadership by making clear that bump stocks, which turn semiautomatics into machine guns, are illegal, and we will continue to take illegal guns off of our streets,"

This ban, as with all gun control measures, will have no effect on crime or criminals except by creating so many more of them. It is state sanctioned theft. Trump’s willingness to bypass Congress to put many good Americans, (many who no doubt voted for him) in the cross hairs of zealous law enforcement and prosecutors is frighting .

Legal action against the ban has been filed. See more here

Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


Video Link

Brian Zins Explains How to Take Your Pistol Grip to a Whole New Level


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


Monday night Bullseye Practice will not official be shooting Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club


This is the last newsletter of 2018

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