Saturday 10-27-2018


MRPC  I.D.P.A. Defensive Pistol Match       It’s a lot of fun!


                Sign-in @ 8:30am, Shooting @ 9:00am

               Held at the Sports Park Reserve Ranges off corner of Kershaw and Corey Roads


                Please take a few moments to double check your equipment and bounce it off of the IDPA rule book.



                Per the new rule book it is now the SHOOTER’S responsibility to know the rules for his equipment and the

                rules of the game!  If you have any questions please ask an RO and/or come early enough to attend

                the new shooters meeting.  


                Set up for the match will be from 4:30-6:30 on Friday afternoon and from 7:30-8:30 the morning of the match.

                Please come help set up!      Leif Johnson   541-890-1195



                If you don’t already shoot IDPA or If you’ve never even watched a match, but you wondered what it’s like…..

                Bring your Ear and Eye Protection and you can watch the match being run.  

                (Remember “Watching and Learning” does not require paying either the Sports Park’s or MRPC’s Range Fee)



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