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Medford Rifle and Pistol Club






Saturday November 10th  9am to 5 pm

Sunday   November 11th  9am to 3 pm


At the Indoor Pistol Range at 1253 E Vilas Road Medford




Entry Fee is only $5 and includes a FREE Raffle Ticket


Bring Friends and Neighbors to the









Medford Rifle and Pistol Club




Jackson County Sports Park’s CAMP WHITE Rifle Range

Off Kershaw Road, south of HWY 140.


22 Rounds at 600 yards

Rifles <35 caliber, no limit on optics

Please no muzzle brakes.

Call Frank 541 899 6872 for more information



Thanks to everyone that helped with the turkey shoot.

It went every well and all had fun.


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



MRPC Precision Pistol—–“Monday Night Bullseye”

Starts their Christmas TOY DRIVE

for Children next Monday night Nov. 12th

The Drive will run through Monday December 17th


We will shoot a Slow-Fire, Timed-Fire, and Rapid Fire target using

Center-fire pistols after the normal 22LR rimfire Bullseye Practice.


Winner gets bragging rights for the week.  The goal is to collect toys

for needy Children for Christmas


Entry Fee is any present for a Child, brought to the club on Monday night!


TOY DRIVE MATCH will start about 8:30pm   You need not shoot

Rimfire-Bullseye to participate.  How well can you shoot standing & off

Hand from 50 feet.





Medford Rifle and Pistol Club




MRPC Precision Pistol “Bullseye” 1800

22LR Rimfire Pistols, shot Off-hand from a Standing position that’s 50’ from the target.

10 shots/target, 2 sets of 9 targets, each set with 3 Slow, 3 Timed & 3 Rapid fire targets.


First Place               Dave Corbin                         1577 with 23 Xs

Second Place          David Nulton                      1573 with 19 Xs

Third Place              Ernest Carpenter               1559 with 28 Xs


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



2018 King Of 2 Miles

by SSUSA Staff – Tuesday, October 30, 2018

.416 Barrett Rifle, Bushnell Optic Used To Win 2018 King Of 2 Miles

When Robert Brantley won the 2018 King of 2 Miles (KO2M) match earlier this year, he was using a .416 Barrett rifle, and the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II 4.5-30×50 mm scope with G3 reticle, mounted with a Badger UniMount. The bullets were 500-grain ones from Cutting Edge, fired from a rifle that can best be described as a gargantuan, 44-pound hulk meant to ring steel at distances measured in thousands of yards. His rifle featured a 39-inch K&P barrel with McMillan action, and a Manners Long Range Tactical stock.

The KO2M match is the premier extreme long range match held in the United States annually at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, NM. The two-day match has shooters working as a 3-person teams, comprised of one shooter, and up to two wind coaches and spotters. This year, teams were engaging steel targets out to 3525 yards.

Brantley outscored the talented field of 62 competitors, finishing with a score of 85178. Match conditions were overcast and windy, not the best for an extreme long range competition.

Nevertheless, Brantley was one of only three shooters able to hit the 3525-yard plate at least once in the five shots allowed. He was able to dial his elevation adjustment on the Bushnell XRS II for all of his targets except the final, 2-mile plate. And on that target, Brantley held 8 mils of additional elevation. In total, he held 35 mils up from his 1000-yard zero. 

“While I was the only competitor using a Bushnell scope, I think this will surely change next year,” said Brantley.

Brantley set a new KO2M qualifying round record, missing just one shot on Target 4. He was perfect on the first three targets. For qualification, shooters fired at steel rectangles in stages, with distances getting farther each round.

The KO2M finals round has five shots per target, in three stages. The first stage is 2727 yards, shooting at a 33×41-inch steel rectangle. Next is 3166 yards at a 42×54-inch steel rectangle. The final stage, at 3525 yards, had by far the largest target, a 48×60-inch rectangle.

View the full 2018 King of 2 Miles results here.


Medford Rifle and Pistol Club



2019 NRA Pistol Championship Scheduled

Last week, the NRA released the overall 2019 NRA Championship schedule. Here’s a breakdown of the schedule for the 2019 NRA National Pistol Championships, which will be conducted next July at Camp Perry, OH.

The 2019 NRA National Pistol Championships will be held July 7-12, and will have a full five days of bullseye pistol shooting on the shores of Lake Erie.
The tournament will begin on Sunday, July 7 with shooter registration and orientation of match staff. Registration will be at Bldg. 950.

Monday, July 8 will have the First Shot ceremony at 10:00 a.m., as well as the Revolver Matches. These include the Harry Reeves Memorial Championship and the NRA Distinguished Revolver Match.
Tuesday, July 9 will feature the Preliminary Championship.
Wednesday, July 10 is the .22 Cal. Rimfire Championship. The .22 Cal. Championship includes slow fire, the national match course, timed fire and rapid fire.
Thursday, July 11 is the Center-Fire Championship. The Center-Fire Championship includes slow fire, the national match course, timed fire and rapid fire.
Friday, July 12 will be the .45 Cal. Championship. The .45 Cal. Championship includes slow fire, the national match course, timed fire and rapid fire.
Friday will also include the awards ceremony at Hough Auditorium, where the 2019 NRA National Pistol Champion will be crowned and the other awards will be given out to competitors.

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