This Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Registration Starts at 8:30 am,         Shooting Starts at 9:00am,

Come Early at 8AM to Help Set Up the course


ENTRY FEE:  Still only $15

This event is held at the Training and Reserve Ranges of the Jackson County Sports Park

These ranges are through the gate at the south end of the Pubic Shooting Ranges,

off the corner of Kershaw and Corey Roads, White City.



4 Stages of Steel Pistol Targets   That’s a minimum of 100 rounds   Shooters are limited to using only ONE Pistol


1 Stage of a Shotgun Side Match

with a Cash Payout


No shotgun ammo greater than #6 shot (#7-9 are ok) or faster than 1300fps, No steel bird shot
Bring at least one box of Shotgun Shells



Any Centerfire Pistol, or any 22LR Rimfire Pistol &/or Rifle—

Plus this month 12 gauge SHOTGUNS

Don’t have a Shotgun—-Don’t worry, you can borrow one!



Based on the time it takes you to shoot 5 Steel Targets.  Each stage of targets is shot 5 times, and

the slowest time on each stage is thrown out.

Your total time for each stage is added together for your Total Time Score.



*Shooters will be classified based on their type of pistol or rifle.  

Classifications may include Semi-Auto with Iron Sights, Semi-Auto with Optics,

Revolvers with Iron Sights , Revolvers with Optics; in both Centerfire & .22 Rimfire categories.

Guns with Lasers or Red Dots are in the OPEN class

*Shooters with Centerfire Pistol classes will shoot from a holster. Rimfire shooters will shoot from a low-hold.

*All shooters will need a gun rug or range bag into which to secure their firearm when not shooting.

*Don’t forget to bring Sight and Hearing Protection, Range Bags,

Ammunition (a minimum of 100 rounds per firearm), Firearms,

Extra Magazines and/or Speed loaders (5 recommended), Pen/Pencil/paper, Water

Needless to say —-“Dress for the Weather”


If you are unfamiliar with Steel Challenge, Go to

You need not be a club member to participate in this match        Bring a friend or two


Don’t Forget There is also a “.22 COMBO” Class—–3 STAGES OF .22 RIFLE AND 2 STAGES OF .22 HANDGUN

And a  Pistol Caliber Carbine (PPC) Class     Center-Fire Rifles shooting Pistol Cartridges—fast and fun

Medford Rifle and Pistol Club




Klamath Multigun Match

Sunday  October 22nd 2017


Hello Everybody
The next match is a little over 2 weeks away and here are the stages and match info

Where:  Keno Sportsman’s park

When:   October  22nd at 9:30

Cost;     $20 and as usual we will have lunch after the match included

Setup will be Saturday around 5:00pm and Sunday at 8:00am


3 – Stages


–Stage 1–

19- Paper targets

10- Steel targets


–Stage 2–

14- Paper targets

14- Steel targets

2  – Rifle targets


–Stage 3–

15- Paper targets

11- Steel targets

5 –  Rifle targets


The rules from USPSA multigun will be used.  We allow for Rimfire or PCC or Trooper at the club level.


We will be using the multi-purpose range and the 600yrd range.

Prepare for rain and hope for the best we will have the match regardless of weather.

This will be a novelty/random match with more focus on a boat load of shooting,

a few rifle targets and some fun props to start and or use on the stage.

All three guns can be used on every stage.
Paper targets – Rifle or Pistol
Steel targets –  Pistol or Shotgun.


Round Counts

Rifle       – 7-55

Shotgun –  0 – 35

Pistol     –  0- 83


The round counts are based on 1 round per target (bring 2x is good insurance)

The targets/stages allow you to use more pistol or shotgun or rifle depending on your preference.

If you shoot more with the shotgun, Your pistol count will be less

and likewise if you shoot more rifle the pistol will be less.

I will have the actual stages for the next email I send out.

As always
No steel core or bimetal bullets(magnets will be available if in doubt- DQ and repair cost for damaged targets)
No steel bird shot
No shotgun ammo greater than #6 shot (#7-9 are ok) or faster than 1300fps
I hope to see you at the match



any questions or concerns just let me know.





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