Membership at Medford Rifle & Pistol Club


$75 A YEAR 


 New Members are charged a one-time $25.00 processing fee to cover materials & admin costs.

— Timely renewals void this fee. —


  • 24/7 Access to indoor shooting range.
  • Members only training classes.
  • Discounted NRA Membership Dues Program
  • All memberships are “Family Memberships” good for 2 adults and all children less than 21 years of age living under one roof.  Adult children 21 years and older must become members in their own right.
  • Membership starts from the date the club receives your money and lasts 365 days. This date will show on your Membership Profile in our website and on your membership card.

Join today and see why reviewers on Google give us 4-1/2 stars

  • Incredible group of volunteers, friendly and helpful members, and a great resource for both new and seasoned shooters.
  • A great group of people. The instruction is excellent and there is a strong focus on safe and responsible gun ownership
  • It is one of its kind in Southern Oregon, catering to the entire family 24/7
  • Clean, no nonsense shooting. Free classes and the opportunity to shoot a variety of guns with instructors.
  • 24 hour access, private, safe environment and club members with the same passion and respect for firearms.

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Upcoming New Member Orientations
Upcoming MRPC Business Meetings


  • You are required to attend one of the twice monthly  NEW MEMBER ORIENTATIONS   before you  get full access to the club. 
  • At the “New Membership Orientation”, among other things, a member will provide ID and have their photo taken to be attached to their Door Security Key/FOB which provides 24/7 access to the range, see the NMO Page for details.
  • Members agree to provide name, mailing address, phone and email address. Members should keep their information current, by checking their website personal profile on a regular basis. (link to privacy info).

COST IS $75.00 P/Year + A $25.00 New Membership Fee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the facilities or management, we will gladly refund your dues ($75.00 X # Years paid) within the first 60 days from the payment date.

The initial $25.00 processing fee is non-refundable.