Intro to Basic Pistol



This class is centered on teaching the beginning and experienced student correct safety and accuracy shooting techniques for general purposes. Emphasis is on correcting unsafe actions, social interaction in a non competitive shooting environment

This class is open to the public and is designed for “new gun owners” with little firearm experience. “Intro to Basic Pistol Shooting” combines 45-60 minutes of classroom time with 45 minutes of live fire range time. Class size is limited to 15 students.  Attendance requires signing an MRPC liability waiver.

The class covers:

  • Types of handguns.
  • Firearm safety, handling and storage.
  • How to clean and care for your firearm.
  • Ammunition selection and storage.
  • Range safety and basic range commands.
  • Basic shooting skills: grip, finger placement, stance, sighting, follow through, etc…


Materials needed for this class are:

  • A gun bag to transport your UNLOADED firearm to and from the class. (No live ammo is allowed in the classroom. All ammunition must be placed on a table located inside the range prior to entering the classroom.)
  • Hearing and eye protection.
  • 50 rounds of factory ammunition.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing. Baseball caps are highly recommended to help prevent hot brass from hitting your face and neck.

The class is limited to 15 students.

Pre-registration is required by email:

Instructors: Phil Grammatica & Kari Hatten