Junior 4-Position Small-Bore Rifle


Abbreviated program details:
Teaches youth 8-20 years of age basic rifle safety and advance them through the NRA 4-Position (Prone, Sitting, Kneeling and Standing) and CMP 3-Position (Prone, Kneeling and Standing) programs.

Time and date:
6:30 to 9:00 Friday evenings
Classes are held from November through April.
Check MRPC Calendar for session dates

For further information contact:
Ben Fox
Phone: 541-261-6988

Program fees:

      • Week 1 class is free (orientation)
      • Week 2 one time $20 fee to participate (covers patches, medals, other materials and equipment)
      • Every session thereafter $5 per participant
      • Not required to be a MRPC member, but is highly encouraged to join

Required equipment:

      • Safety glasses
      • Hearing protection

*Club has both available for purchase if needed

Club provided equipment:

        • Target 22lr rifle with aperture sights
        • Shooting coat
        • Sling
        • Sand bags
        • Loading blocks
        • Spotting scope
        • Shooting mat
        • Shooting glove
        • Off Hand stand for Standing position
        • Kneeling roll
        • Targets
        • Target ammunition (shooter can provide own ammunition if preferred. Target or standard velocity ammunition recommended)

*Depending on attendance, not all equipment may be available.

Program details:

      • 4-6 targets completed per week (50 to 70 rounds fired)
      • Beginning shooters start in the Prone supported position (sand bag)
      • As shooters become more proficient, and show understanding of the fundamentals of rifle shooting, additional positions are introduced.
      • Shooters will earn medals or patches as they progress through the program.
      • Monthly inter-club competitions with Grants Pass and Roseburg Junior Programs. (3rd Saturday December thru April)

Additional information: