Members Pistol Clinic



This clinic addresses individual concerns and questions on a case by case basis as presented at the class.  The class is encouraged to socialize with all other shooters.  All shooters are challenged to compete with themselves for there personnel best.

There are shooting drills where results are critiqued for improvement.  This class provides once a month practice of approximately 50 rounds the suggested minimum to maintain proficiency.

Materials needed for this class are:

  • A gun bag to transport your UNLOADED firearm to and from the class. (No live ammo is allowed in the classroom. All ammunition must be placed on a table located inside the range prior to entering the classroom.)
  • Hearing and eye protection.
  • 50 rounds of factory ammunition.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing. Baseball caps are highly recommended to help prevent hot brass from hitting your face and neck.
  • A SIGNED WAVIER download-able HERE

The class is limited to 15 students.

Pre-registration is required by email:

NRA certified pistol instructors