NRA Precision Pistol (aka. Bullseye)




NRA Precision Pistol (aka BULLSEYE) is the oldest pistol competition in the United States. It started by combining Civilian Shooters with 22LR Rimfire pistols, Police Shooters with 38 Caliber Pistols, and Military Shooters with 45ACP Pistols. A formal NRA match consists of 9 targets in each of 3 calibers for a total point count of “2700” points. The rules have changed over the years so that formal “Bullseye” can be shot with only two different guns. The National Championship is shot every year in July at Camp Perry, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie.

The MRPC Rimfire Bullseye Group shoots the 50’ Gallery Course every Monday Night

All Club Members are welcome to join: Shooters gather to get ready about 6:30pm, with Shooting starting at 7:00 pm sharp. Each of the 9 targets takes 10 rounds per target, and the practice stops about 8:30pm.

Equipment Needed: A 22 LR Pistol, 90 rounds of ammunition, sight and hearing Protection. A small spotting Scope or binocular are helpful, if you have one. Cost is $1 for targets, lights and heat.

At MRPC, every Monday night we shoot the 9 targets of the Rimfire stage. Each shooter contributes $1 to reimburse the club for targets. Each nightly practice requires 90-rounds of ammunition. This allows shooters weekly to judge improvements in their shooting skills.

The Course of Fire starts with 3 Slow fire targets (10 minutes per string), followed by 1 Timed fire target (two 5-shot strings, 20 seconds per string), then 1 Rapid fire target (two 5-shot strings, 10 seconds per string), then two more Timed fire targets, followed by two more Rapid Fire Targets.

The goal is for each shooter to develop a perfect sight picture and a perfect trigger pull to attain the highest point score.

To help change things up; periodically the group holds Matches. These are often a combination of shooting 2 or 3 standard Courses of Fire one after another. Sometimes the groups shoots a “poker hand” before practice to warm up. The group also shoots Center-Fire Pistols after the regular rimfire practices prior to the Christmas Holiday. This is in conjunction with the groups sponsoring of a Christmas Toy Drive. On those nights, the fee to shoot the extra center-fire targets is only a Christmas Toy for a needy child.