Women’s Defensive Pistol



This is an intermediate level training program that combines “skills and drills” with defensive pistol skills, using real life scenario training ie… Home Invasion, Car Jacking, Active Shooter in public places, like restaurants and buildings.


The course covers:

  • Improving speed and accuracy while using a firearm for self-defense
  • Drawing from a holster and engaging multiple targets.
  • Tactical reloads with magazine retention.
  • Speed/Slide-Lock reloads.
  • Engaging multiple targets with your strong hand only
  • Engaging multiple targets with your support/weak hand
  • Engaging multiple targets while retreating
  • Engaging multiple targets while advancing
  • Firing from behind cover
  • And other important defensive shooting skills

Materials needed for the training:

  • An outside the waist-band holster and magazine carrier
  • A firearm and 3 magazines
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • 55 rounds of ammunition for each session


Many of the instructors in this program are women who are gifted at working with students with various experience and skill levels. The goal of the training is to assist students in improving their defensive shooting skills in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

The class is limited to 16 students.

Pre-registration is required.

Head Instructor: Diana Scholtz