Women’s Defensive Pistol


Eligible Participants: MRPC Women Members

Prerequisite: Practical/Competitive Pistol (PCP)

Cost: No Charge

Head Instructor: Diana Scholtz

Women’s Defensive Pistol is an intermediate-advanced level training program exclusively for MRPC women members. The objectives of the program are the reinforcement of safe gun handling practices; the development of overall handgun proficiency, competency and knowledge; the further development of practical handgun skills; the promotion of recreational shooting activities and competitive shooting sports; and camaraderie with like-minded female shooters.

Training is conducted by an accomplished female shooter and certified firearms instructor in a safe, relaxed, and stress free environment. This program builds upon the skills and techniques presented during the prerequisite course, Practical/Competitive Pistol. Utilizing a variety of teaching methods, such as individualized instruction, line drills, skill builders, courses of fire, teamwork and friendly competition, we strive to make each session fun and informative.

Course Requirements

    • A modern full size or large compact handgun (semi automatic or revolver) suitable for personal defense and/or competition

    • Three magazines or two speed loaders, as applicable

    • Range grade ammunition (approx. 100 rounds per session)

    • A rigid outside the waistband (OWB) holster, such as Kydex or leather. The holster must provide firearm retention, maintain its shape to allow one-handed reholstering, and completely cover the trigger guard

    • Outside the waistband magazine pouch or speed loader pouch, as applicable, with capacity for two magazines or speed loaders

    • A sturdy belt that fully supports the weight of your loaded handgun and spare ammunition

    • Vision and hearing protection (electronic earmuffs are required – loaners may be available)

    • Fully enclosed stable footwear suitable for extended standing and athletic movement (no flip flops, sandals, high heels, etc.)

This is an on-going training program with no specific start and stop dates. And since each training session is independent of the previous ones, students may join the group at any time and participate as their schedule permits. Students must successfully complete the prerequisite course and pre register prior to attending your first session.

For further information, or to register for this program, please contact:

Point of Contact: MRPC Training Director

Email: mrpctrainingdirector@yahoo.com